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Thread: Who was Saul a.k.a Paul of Tarsus?

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    Who was Saul a.k.a Paul of Tarsus?

    Was Paul a Jew?
    Was Paul a Gentile?
    Was Paul a Gnostic?
    Was Paul a self-hating Jew?
    Was Paul neither Jew nor Gentile but one in Christ?
    Was Paul an Hellenistic Jew?
    Was Paul influenced by the pagan mystery religions?
    Was Paul a priest of Mithras?
    Did Paul converted to Judaism just to win the daughter of a Jewish priest?
    Why was Paul anti-Semitic?

    By rejecting the Law and fighting against Peter and Jesus's brother James didn't he sided in favor of the Gentiles? Gentiles indeed converted to Christianity in masses but not in the way Peter and James wanted. Why does Paul reject the Law when Jesus accepts it in Matthew? Paul seems to be an alien who is preaching a completely different thing in his Gospel than the rest of the Apostles.

    My take is Paul was actually an Valentinian Gnostic.

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    Re: Who was Saul a.k.a Paul of Tarsus?

    I think Saul was the guy who carried my groceries out at the grocery store. I might be wrong though. That might have been Sam.
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    Re: Who was Saul a.k.a Paul of Tarsus?

    Better call saul.
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