So... I'm terrified of flying. I'm not scared of crashing. Or particularly if being i the air. It's more of a losing control/scared of being scared/ feeling trapped based fear. The only thing that has ever helped was when I was a kid, they let me sit with the pilots. I've tried acupuncture which somehow felt even worse, and anxiety med which didn't take effect until I was safely on the ground. I haven't been on a plane for 10 years now, but my desired career requires me to be able to get around the world. I have anxiety, which I'm dealing with. But faced with having to go on a plane, the fear of fear starts really getting to me. It's holding me back - which makes the pressure higher and the fear worse, because why should it be easy.
Anyway. Does anyone have experience with treatments that have worked for them, or tricks to make it more bearable? I suspect the worst bit is dealing with the anticipation. But knowing myself, that alone could end up making me pass up on opportunities because the waiting will have me so wound up I'll be hysterical by the time I have to go and convince myself I can't do it (that wouldn't be a first).