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Thread: Hand Gestures and Practice

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    Hand Gestures and Practice

    As I'm laying here in bed getting ready to go to sleep, part of my self rediscovery is to get myself back into the practice of saying a short prayer before drifting off. But before I was able to even start, I was stopped by a curious thought. Are there any hand motions or gestures used to begin and end a prayer? Christians will perform the "sign of the cross" by touching their forehead, chest, left shoulder, then right shoulder as a start and finish of their supplications.

    I tried to search for something similar for Northern Trad but found nothing though I can't help but thinking there had to be something. So I wanted to ask ... is there something you do along those lines? And if so, what?
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    Re: Hand Gestures and Practice

    Interventions for 'the folk' were usually made palms uppermost with the back of the hands resting on the knees (prayer was usually done while sitting down in this instance).
    The palm uppermost method was common in the ROman Empire too, but that could be done while standing.

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    Re: Hand Gestures and Practice

    Truthfully don't recall where I read it now but though both Roman and Hellene did palm up for celestial and palm down for Chthonic when praying, making libations and offerings. Same with altars being on raised altars for celestial and sacrificial sunken pits or depressions for chthonic gods / goddesses. Not sure about Etruscan though I believe they held the same or similar concepts about celestial and chthonic locations for gods / goddesses. Especially those such as Artumes who is seen as the Hellene Artemis for instance.
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