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Thread: The painting known as "Hecate" by William Blake 1795

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    The painting known as "Hecate" by William Blake 1795

    This could go under a couple of places but I've put it here as it falls under art history I believe as the most appropriate place I could think of.

    One of the many paintings one might encounter when doing searches for the goddess Hekate / Hecate is a painting by the English artist / poet William Blake. The piece was originally created Blake and recorded by him with no title but came to be known as either "Hecate", 'The Triple Hecate" or "The Fates" by most people. Yet today it is more properly known as "The Night of Enitharmon's Joy" based upon one of Blake's published books. Specifically, Europe: A Prophecy which was published in 1794. Which matches up pretty close to the creation date of the painting with it's creation date of 1795.

    While the painting is still frequently cited as being Hekate / Hecate it is pretty well recognized now that that was a false conclusion.

    The photo is still pretty popular in reference to Hekate / Hecate and used on book cover's and other form's of media. Sold as specific references to both witchcraft and Hekate / Hecate due to the earlier mis-equation with her. Yet ironically, if I read the reference'd material correctly and understand it correctly then Enitharmon's desire's and goal is very different from what the reference's to Hekate / Hecate would suggest.

    The painting was somewhat analyzed and a fairly descent history provided in the referenced PDF link (sorry actual file is to large to upload) those interested.

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