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Thread: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    Quote Originally Posted by kalynraye View Post
    His exact words were "no I allow my members to choose their own as long as it's not a evil or dangerous path" Like that's how he lead off, and it really really rubbed me wrong that he used the words "ALLOWS his members", and I guess he has that mind set because he is the high priest of the coven that he set up. I should have asked for clarification if he allows them to worship who they want during say full moon ritual but has a set pantheon for ritual but I was trying to quickly exit the conversation. But what you are describing is basically what I envisioned.

    I was really looking for an established coven and thats not what I got from him.



    Yeah, I got nothin. I mean sure, sure within the ritual space, allowing or disallowing is both relevant and appropriate. A ritual to honor Zeus does not need random Gospel music and one could argue that past a certain point, a given space does not need to be shared by multiple pantheons at all so a given space dedicated toward the Powers of Olympus should never actually see the aforementioned random Gospel music. Outside the ritual space things get murkier. What baffles me is that at first glance, this guy appears to believe that he has the authority to allow or disallow outside the ritual space but can't be assed to use it in the ritual space where it clearly should be used. I'm just confused.
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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    Quote Originally Posted by anubisa View Post
    Good luck on the job! I'm very sure you will do great on it! On the coven issue, what kind of coven do you think you are going to start?
    I want to explore the relationship between the lay and monastic community and how it can be applied to pagan communities. The way we're mostly set up now, if you want any sort of formal training, you have to join a coven and go on the path of becoming a priest/ess. I've seen people flat out say that you can't be pagan and not be a priest/ess. We're sorely lacking in monastic groups willing to support our lay community. That means members of our community who don't feel able to commit to coven level involvement end up being solo and sometimes (probably often) have gaps in their knowledge or experiences.

    So I want to build a coven who is a monastic group supporting our local lay community at whatever level they are willing to go. It wouldn't be that different than a CUUP's group with the leadership team, accept that CUUPs has to answer to a local church. That create's issues with funds, leadership roles, access, etc.

    In general, we're grateful to the UU for providing us with a free place to meet, but we often feel like a third wheel to the church community, and that they sometimes view us as inferior. That could totally be a local problem with our particular church, but it is a problem in our community.

    One way to address all that is to start a coven that would serve a similar function but also would be independent of the restrictions that are involved with being part of the UU.

    Quote Originally Posted by kalynraye View Post
    You'll kill it, I have faith in your abilities.

    There's a UU Church in Jackson that has a coven connected to it however I've reached out to them to find out about open rituals and just general information because I would enjoy participating in group rituals but the High Priest really couldn't give me derivatives besides he allowed his coven members to worship whatever pantheon they wanted. So I've decided to stay solitary for a while longer.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm sorry that your local CUUPs High Priest isn't particularly helpful or isn't what you need. I recently joined a group online called Spells of Magic. They have various online covens. I'm not sure it'll work out for me, but I thought it was worth looking into since I haven't really been satisfied with local groups. Maybe if I do go ahead with the above, though that's probably at least a year or so off.
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