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Thread: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    Pretty excited; I just bought a copy of A Manual of Cartomancy written over a hundred years ago by the Grand Orient; the best part was that it was a 2012 reproduction of the original artifact, so I was able to get it for the extremely low price of $12.50 on amazon:

    There's some imperfections such as blurred or missing pages which were part of the original manuscript or were introduced by the scanner; despite the imperfections though, it should still contain quite a bit of information, and preserves an important piece of cultural history. Perhaps in the future I'll go on a quest to find whatever information was contained on the lost pages; always loved a good mystery haha.

    I also picked up a $10.20 copy of the Herbal Health Bible on amazon:

    Super stoked to have more books to start studying; I've been pretty bored this winter; spend most of my time in my room either reading or watching TV; eager for summer for sure.

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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    Quote Originally Posted by kalynraye View Post
    Tomorrow morning we're taking the boy to Maple Syrup Saturday at one of the preserves. We are doing breakfast then a hike to the sugar maples to see how they tap them, and then onto the sugar shack to see maple syrup made and a grand finish of maple syrup and ice cream.

    Lol he isn't going to care much about the whole process behind it but hes going to love the pancakes, ice cream, and best of all the spending time outside! Also tomorrow is suppose to be gorgeous with a high of 50... I cannot believe that I think a day with a high of 50 is going to be a gorgeous spring day. Kalynraye we definitely aren't in Texas any more.
    You guys have cabane du sucres in the us too? They're the very best part of spring in the south!
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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    I'm off tonight, got my paycheck today and am looking forward to spending it on getting my kids their shots and my vehicle its check-up (sarcasm). Things you have to do for your babies. I'm worried though. Both of my fur babies have bumps on their heads. Sabrina has had one longer than her brother. Mom thinks it might be a cyst. I'm just overly worried. We go next week to see the vet. We also have to check if this is the year that Sabrina has to get a dental surgery or not.

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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v2)

    Quote Originally Posted by volcaniclastic View Post
    You guys have cabane du sucres in the us too? They're the very best part of spring in the south!
    In some parts of the US yes we do. Mainly the northern regions.
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