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Anubisa, sorry to hear you are feeling so discouraged. Bariatric issues are tough. If it has been 2 years, then maybe talking to someone from a different program, or even a knowledgeable counselor or peer group might be helpful. It could give you some perspective on whether the WVU program is in line with current standards and practices. It can also give you an idea if it is just some bad staff attitude at the clinic you are attending, or whether you are stuck somewhere yourself and need a fresh perspective. It sounds like you are beating yourself up a lot right now, which usually starts to work against positive forward movement out of any problem. If it is any comfort, I don't think that many people make it through life without developing some behaviors that they regret later. Some are just more easily hidden than others, or more socially acceptable for whatever reason. You know yours, and you have accepted that you need to change some things. That is more than many people ever do. Keep chipping away, because anyone who is as kind as the person I see here deserves to treat themselves with the full love, respect and compassion that you give others.
Thanks Prickly Pear. They say that it's not selfish to put yourself first. I just can't seem to do that for myself. I have to find a way to force myself to do that or I won't change and I have to change somehow to make myself better in every way possible.