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Thread: Dreams and getting called by Aphrodite??

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    Dreams and getting called by Aphrodite??

    Hello, I am new to this even though I have been researching for about 6 months. But that's why I'm here. I had a dream on Feb/6/2018. The following descriptions are what I think are callings. specifically Aphrodite reaching out to me.

    Entry 1 extracted from dream journal:

    I had a short dream about my grandmother taking myself and my cousin to the beach somewhere up north (somewhere I have never been).

    Entry 2 Extracted from dream journal:
    *note: dream # 2 happened mere hours after my first dream and during noon time. (the liklihoodof having two related dreams in such a short time baffels me, and makes me think of the only logical result, divine intervention).

    I dreamt about a very nice sales-woman. She was older than me but not old looking. probably in her late 20s. She was beautiful. She had medium to long straight blond hair. When I entered her Jelwery shop she recognized me (as if I was a reccuringcustomer or a friend). She was delighted that I was back in her shop. She reserved a ring for me. She had a few choices prepared for me. one looked like the inside of an oyster or clam (shinny and shimmery white). Another choice was all plain white and fragmented. It looked like it was made out of a surfer dude's neckalce type of shells. The final one (the one she picked out for me) resembled a Conch shell. It was all kinds of shades of purple (this is my favorite color and also happens to be a symbol of the Witch). I knew I liked it when she picked it up. She asked me if I liked pearls. I told her I did but they weren't my favorite (pearls happen to be my birthstone, for Gemini). She had a long white colored pearl necklace on herself. This gave her a classic look (pearls are also one of her symbols). The necklace was wrapped around her neck three times ( i believe this is a symbol of the triple goddess). She was very nice and joyful and it seemed that if I were to hang out with her more we would be great friends. Dream Ends.

    Do you think this is a true calling and Aphrodite is trying to reach out to me? or Do you think this is just a coincidence?

    P.S.- Thank you for anyone who posts thier opinions and help me out.

    Blessed Be )0(

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    Re: Dreams and getting called by Aphrodite??

    Hi there and welcome.

    Just my two cents...

    I am very much of the belief that these kinds of dreams/visitations (call them what you like) are quite personal and, therefore, what your instincts tell you will likely be the case...

    Yes, sometimes dreams are just dreams and have no meaning at all. However, if you believe that this may be a visitation from Aphrodite, perhaps try exploring her mythology a bit more and seeing if you really feel a connection with her.

    Out of curiosity, what has lead you to Aphrodite (specifically) as the most likely candidate from the information extracted from this dream/visitation? There are a number of goddesses associated with the sea and its many bounties, so I suppose I'm asking purely because you mentioned her specifically without regard to any other (similar) potential goddesses/spirits.

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    Re: Dreams and getting called by Aphrodite??

    Well, she does like clams...


    I'd say that, if the dreams felt important, they are.

    But also, like Torey, I think that the only one who can understand your dreams is you.

    One thing that might help you - and maybe you already know about this since you keep a dream journal, is to, right before you go to sleep, ask for a dream to help clarify what is wanted or expected. This often helps.
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