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Thread: Can science prove God doesn't exist?

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    Re: Can science prove God doesn't exist?

    LOL -

    But actually, if you go back to the original article in the first post, the idea expressed was that, if science can eventually (I know - not likely, but hypothetically) explain all the forces at work in the universe, and how they interact, there would be no place left for "a deity."

    In other words - if there is nothing unknown needing to be explained, is there still a place for "god"?

    While it's a hugely hypothetical question, the implication of a "no" answer is "god is a thing used to explain what we don't already know."
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    Re: Can science prove God doesn't exist?

    Quote Originally Posted by B. de Corbin View Post
    Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll explains why he believes that science will one day be able to prove God does not exist. [Link censored by Sollomyn to comply with Forum Rules.]
    Wow; very thought-provoking! Thank you very much for sharing this.

    My first thought on it, before reading the article, was that science cannot empirically prove or disprove the existence of God, because there's too many variables as to what exactly that might be; as has been said, it's all dependent on the definitions of God, or gods.

    Interestingly enough though, the scientific explanation of everything lines up perfectly with my religion. Magick is just science that isn't fully understood yet; at least some forms of magick; there's a lot of magick that is perfectly explainable by various sciences as we know them, (haha; science is kind of polytheistic as well!). I have pretty simple beliefs, and I'm pretty sure that there is an afterlife, because I've seen a ghost before; Grandma Wanda as her friends and family called her; the grandmother of the kid who used to bully me in elementary school haha.

    I was locked up a couple thousand miles away or so, for a few years or so, at the age of twelve; after returning home, I'd often go for joyrides on my dad's ATV; we lived down a long dirt road, just off another long dirt road in the interior of Alaska. While riding home from the small village about ten miles yonder one afternoon, I was passing the lonely trailer-house of Grandma Wanda. She was standing on the front lawn, staring at her house as I skidded around the corner and roared past her, shouting "HI GRANDMA WANDA!!!" and waving hello at her like a giddy little maniac, (I'm only 5'9" and 146 pounds; probably a little smaller back then.)

    Now...I don't know why exactly, though I have my suspicions, but I've always had extraordinary sensory perception; all my five senses are dialed up to a hundred it seems, and it is quite the double-edged sword in my humble opinion. As a result of my particular wiring, I was able to see Grandma Wanda perfectly; clear as day, standing there in her iconic white dress with little blue flowers, and long, flowing white hair, and undoubtedly REAL, despite my traveling past her around a slight bend at fifty to sixty miles per hour, (digital spedometer, hehehe). She turned around to look at me with a strange look on her retrospect; I didn't think much of it in the moment; I just kept focusing on the road for the most part...loved going fast, haha. Her expression was an odd mixture of confusion and sorrow. Whatever, right? Upon arriving back at the family farm though, I exclaimed to my mother in the kitchen that it was nice seeing Grandma Wanda again, as I took off my gear.

    "Honey...Grandma Wanda died a couple of years ago." she said in a concerned tone.

    I insisted that she had to be mistaken; "I know what I saw!" I told her. I went back to the trailer house to investigate. Upon further study, the place seemed to have been abandoned; overgrown...the trailer house rotting into the soil upon which it was perched, overlooking a small cliff across the Delta river; just off the Tanana; a tributary of the more well-known Yukon river. I ran around the perimeter, searching for any signs of life; her grandson even, perhaps...but there was nothing; nothing but a dead dog tied to a tree by a piece of hemp rope; a yellow labrador; half-eaten by maggots. I kinda had an emotional breakdown. It took me a long time to wrap my head around it, but I knew it was her, even though she'd been dead for years while I was in juvenile hall. ...I know I'm not crazy; the only next logical explanation that I can arrive at, until I discover the exact sciences behind it, as unreasonable as it may sound, has to be, "Ghosts are real...and I can see them...and they look just as real as you or me."

    ...Hahaha; maybe that's why I think the Earth is overpopulated!!!

    In all seriousness, no; I take overpopulation kinda seriously, and suspect that MOST of the people I see ARE actually alive...but ever since Grandma Wanda...I can never be absolutey SURE of that...and it honestly kinda scares me a little haha, but it's all good; I've gotten used to weird stuff happening around me; I basically have six or seven somewhat unbelievable events throughout the last couple of decades or so, that have pretty much CONVINCED me that the supernatural is indeed real.......I just think it's perfectly Natural.

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