So I had a kind of epiphany. And it is new. It seems early to post, but if I wait too long I may not post it.

I have always viewed the gods in an archetypal way. And really, maybe the Greek and Roman ones more so than others, because they were an academic topic from youth. So, as I have moved through my life, I've noted fairly heavy Demeter and Persephone themes. I figured this is natural, as I am a daughter and a mother, and a mother of a daughter. So no surprise there. For long periods, there have also been Persephone and Demeter ties to my professional life. So a little extra, maybe. There have been great rewards, and some fairly heavy downsides. I generally notice the connection, and move on to dealing with whatever the issue is in my life. It has been more a way of gaining perspective, and noticing themes in my life. For some time now, the Persephone and Demeter issues have been hammering me. A little better at the moment, but I am bruised and battered, and still a little disoriented.

So recently I have run into a few Hades references. And then the other day, a box of mementos fell off the shelf in storage for no apparent reason. As I was cleaning it up, I found some old photographs of my grandfather who died when I was a child. They were so blurry, I am surprised that I recognized him. My memories are pretty blurry also. But the way he stood, and how he wore his watch immediately struck me powerfully. It was an overwhelming moment of love and grief. And a bit later I realized that he had many of the qualities that I was finding in Hades. I thought this is the kind of thing that a polytheist would consider a tap on the shoulder. So I researched, admittedly with an eye to guidance on how to cope with Demeter and Persephone. And I do feel much calmer about things. He feels like a calm, low drama ally.

And then I thought, "You know who else might be helpful? Hekate." Now I have looked into Hekate before. There are lots of connections with Demeter and Persephone, and really, I think almost anyone who is curious about witchcraft eventually investigates Hekate. I had done research, but mostly in a time when many resources were witchcraft oriented. And I frankly got the impression of a scary old crone, a kind of special dark snowflake vibe, and severe discomfort with the whole sacrificing puppies thing.

This time I thought to keep an open mind, because really, I know better. And then something dawned on me. I don't think Hecate always shows herself as a scary old crone, or emo/goth whatever. I think that she is a young woman. I think she is the young woman who always seems to be with me, especially in some of my more "woo" moments. You know, the kind that seem very real to yourself, but you hesitate to tell others because they are difficult to explain and sound a little crazy and unscientific. And they are also about your most personal, real self. She is not gloomy or scary in this aspect. Powerful, yes. But I am seeing the light bearer, the guide. She is radiant and patient. I imagine she could be terrifying if she wanted. But mostly the message is along the lines of "lighten up and shine". I keep finding confirmation, I just never knew her name. For decades. So many connections. And it feels a little more real than archetypal. So it is shaking me up a little.

I am not hearing voices or having hallucinations. I still believe in science and am approaching with skepticism. Just wondering a bit. And the puppies are safe from me.