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Thread: what etheric ideology "makes sense"?

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    what etheric ideology "makes sense"?

    isn't it the one that makes the most sense, TO YOU?
    what we have, if we have them, are "experiences".
    you can try and be as mechanistic and objective as you can,
    but any hyper-natural experience is going to transcend
    traditionally mechanistic interpretations.
    MY personal interpretation has developed into an animistic
    mode, I believe the very essence of our existence is that force
    which has been repeatedly interpreted as "GOD".
    not a distinctly singular point-minded deity,
    rather a truly living all pervasive force of existence.
    and each of us are a quantum of this force...
    in context of this, I think all types of methods,
    religious sects and spiritual practices, are valid.

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    Re: what etheric ideology "makes sense"?

    My personal beliefs are:

    There's a lotta stuff I don't know.
    Finding it out is the fun o' life.
    Preconceived beliefs are detrimental to "finding it out."
    Experimentation is the best path to knowledge.
    Try stuff.
    Find out what happens.
    Arrive at tentative conclusions based on what happens.
    Continue to experiment.
    Be prepared to change tentative conclusions.
    What is, is.
    What is not, is not.
    Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.

    I can't do everything, but I can do something.

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