I'm sure there are many people out there who find this topic disturbing. Many people out there cherish life. I get it. Believe me, I do. But think of it this way.... I for one am in this category. I believe there are many people out there struggling and experiencing severe pain. Whether it be physical/mental. It doesn't matter. I believe there are many people fed up with living and don't want to live or die naturally. Why is suicide illegal. Why do so many people who commit suicide get frowned upon? I get that it may bring pain to the family and other people when that person dies but no one really seems to think of what that person could have been experiencing or going through.

I for example am a rebel to how this world functions around me. I hate being born into a world where I have a number and id. Being apart of this system. It totally makes me sick to grow up and start learning these things. As a kid, life was great. I didn't have to worry about all this adult bullshit. I hate money and I hate working. I don't believe in any of it. Work in a way I do but not how this world has it. I hate the government. I want to live in my own place on earth. Paying for bills and working our asses off just so we can live? THAT IS LIFE!~!!!??? Hell no it ain't. Its slave control. We need money to live right? We don't need it! In fact, we want not the money but what it can bring us.

WHy should anyone own the earths materials. Charging people for it. We have advanced, yes. But I don't understand why this system and life had to go like this in the first place. America They say ohhh its the greatest country ever! I really can't stand when people say that. I don't believe there is any great country. I hate the fact we have to have countries. I wish the whole earth could just be earth and forget all this country and division nonsense. No one should own any part of the world. Its sick to me. It is seriously sick. Forcing humans to adapt and be apart of a system that is so fake. Full of lies. How many times does the government lie to us? and then they say well... To many people on this earth right? We need some form of control. Yeah but I mean wtf! The world is getting populated so fast.

The truth is that I don't want to be like a human. Yeah, I'm born human but I want to live my life as a wild man. Being apart of nature and running naked in the forests. But can I do that without it being illegal and getting arrested? No, I CANT! That is what pisses me off! I can't run and be free like an animal. and they say we are the smartest creatures on this earth? Haha! The animal are better then us. At least they let nature have them be and do what they do. We as humans have become so damn synthetic. Its sickening to me. I hate this technology as well. Yeah I use it but I wish it was never here.

I wish life had no internet, no cell phones, no cars, none of this! Yah I use it. Yeah I kind of like it but I would love it more if it wasn't here controlling me. I feel like it has made me lose my life. Made me into a synthetic being. Almost like a robot. This is how I think... Don't tell me I need help and see a doctor while getting on medications. I am who I am. This is what I believe. Got a problem with it and say I need to fit in? No! If I can't live the way I want, whats the point of me living? Why make suicide illegal? Why shouldn't people with my thinking be assisted? The world needs to start helping more people with me and listening to them. Don't just dis them off.

Yep... That pretty much sums it up. If I can't live and be who I want to be, why should I live? Simple question right there. Why should I live for people and force to be someone I am not? hmm? Why should I handle it since everyone else is doing it? HMM? Okay... I'm done and I'm sorry for sounding and ranting and feeling like I hate everybody but I dont/ Its just how my mind works and how I believe I must be. I hate the system, government, I want to go back in time. I want to experience my true being. This world I feel has blocked me from doing that. I dont want to waist money and go to college and get a job.. .Why? Because I dont want to spend money and go learn something that is going to be my life in the future if I were to study it. for example: Why should I spend money and learn how to be me? Its messed up. You dont learn how to be yourself from other people. You just be yourself!