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Thread: Fox on denmark

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    Re: Fox on denmark

    unless you are my age or older,you might not know that tax on high income used to be(under Eisenhower) was around 90 percent.

    see here.

    and some bitch when it is now about 30-40 percent at most.
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    Re: Fox on denmark

    BTW i would be more then happy to pay more taxes to live in a country like denmark because in the long run it ends up being cheaper when you do the math.[/QUOTE]

    Yup. Healthcare for instance. Increase in taxes, sure. But decrease in overall health spending. In the current US system, it is set up so that an employee pays a hefty premium, plus now some hefty out of pocket costs. The employer also pays a hefty premium-so even though most people know that they are paying a lot, they don't necessarily see that they insurance company gets about twice what the employee pays. Plus so many middle-man costs. As it is now, so many companies are trying to reduce the number of insurance eligible employees, which means that the employee needs to scramble for insurance, and also for enough work hours to support themselves.
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