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Thread: Favourite Animes/Mangas?

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    Favourite Animes/Mangas?

    I am an avid fan of anime, jdrama, kdrama, jpop, Japanese Culture, Korean Culture, Japan, Korea, etc, and would like to share and discuss my favourite animes and know yours (as-well as your favourite manga, me personally I don't read much I prefer anime) as-well!

    My top 5 favourite animes in order (1st to 5th) are One Piece, Death Note, Hunter X Hunter, Kill La Kill, and Fairy Tail.

    (for a larger list, also have a lit profile I made early 11th grade last year bc I'm a graphic designer )

    I'd say I have 60+ animes on my Crunchyroll queue and I've watched many on Kissanime as-well

    I also have Crunchyroll Premium, I buy it yearly.

    Also I don't hate any anime really. I love them all, many hate SAO where-as I love it and it's one of my favourites, I watch both mainstream and non-mainstream

    I don't read much manga however I'm really really considering reading JoJo part 5 and up since the anime hasn't continued yet and it's so damn good
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