I feel like that I'm going to tell you a story/rant that happen about by 10 years ago. I use to work at a government office at downtown in my city. My job was clerical. The supervisor that I used to work was female and she treat me like garbage. I was so miserable working at that place. Every time that I screw up at my job, she yelled at me. And even if I did my job the right way, she still yelled at me which makes no sense why I'm getting yelled by this woman. She always insults me. She doesn't treat me as a real employee and a real person. That supervisor was so abusive to me verbally. My former co-workers doesn't even like her. Even people who don't work with her doesn't like her either. I even complain to my job coach about this issue and she was no help at all. So I took action and complain to the Human Resources very professionally, calmly and mature about this issue. And all heck breaks loose. She got a warning. My job coach called me and she was really upset for doing the right thing. I finally told her off and said that you're supposed to be my job coach and you were never there for me. I've been complaining since the very beginning that I started working and you didn't do a **** thing to resolve my issue. And you're right, you are a complete fool and you definitely failed your job as my job coach and I'm done talking with you. She was a very lousy job coach who didn't support me at all. So anyway I got laid off and she didn't even give me a letter of recommendation or anything. She was a crappy supervisor and I'm glad I did the right thing here. That's my story/rant.