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Thread: Fish Problems...

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    Fish Problems...

    Hello, i am new to this forum!

    I have an issue with my fish. I have way too many.
    I was given a fish that was pregnant and i sexed the first batch of fish before they fully developed and ended up missing a few males. Turns out.. i did not get rid of them in time. So those babies? had babies. too many.
    I know I need to get rid of them, but I cannot sell them. I have no idea how to.

    What I am truly asking is..
    Does anyone have a way - maybe a ritual or a process - of... well.. killing these baby fish so that the tank is healthy?

    I do my own ritual things, but they are very casual but I dont want these babies hurting. I want to send them off peacefully.

    thanks for reading

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    Re: Fish Problems...

    Please contact your local pet shop or aquarium to see if they can take them. If they are a species suitable for live feeding, a turtle keeper may be willing to take them. Humane euthanasia is an option but it can't be done with magick alone... you would need to do it yourself and that can be difficult with fish. Killing a living being comes with a big responsibility and spiritual debt, and should never be done lightly. Fish are sentient beings who experience stress and pain, so please think very carefully before you go down that road.

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