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Thread: How to talk to/summon a nymph

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    Re: How to talk to/summon a nymph

    Although this is not in reference to a "nymph" per say, Franz Bardon's work "Initiation to Hermetics" seems to touch on working with, and summoning various elemental spirits such as Sylphs and Undines. You may find it interesting

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    Re: How to talk to/summon a nymph

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_ View Post
    Thanks monso! Really helpful! I wish I had all of your knowledge hahah, mind telling me where you learned all of this ;3?
    Truthfully lots of years of reading all sorts of books and academic reports & studies. Some of the deities I am bound to are associated with Nymph's quite a bit in their mythology.

    So what you're saying is modern-day there are both nymphs with physical humanoid forms but there are still some that are humanoid but less humanoid like in the Protogenoi period? or did all of the prior nymphs before the Olympian period gain a more human form?
    That's sort of hard to answer in that it depends upon your own beliefs as well as cultural beliefs. My beliefs may not be the same as yours regarding how I view and see things. Neither of ours may be the same as another person's or culture's. So for some people inside every elder tree is a dryad who is a beautiful young woman, though perhaps green in color, perhaps not. For others that woman is more like an actual walking tree without any human form what so ever but still a dryad. Yet still for others, a tree is but a tree with a spirit of its own as a member of the tree people or standing ones but not what they'd call a Nymph. Placing them more in the Animism belief system.

    For some all three exist at the same time, each equal yet separate from the other. It's like the Hellene's (Greeks) though that some Nymphs were immortal while others were simply long lived yet would eventually die a natural death. That was one of the differences between the Olympian period and the Protogenoi period. The Nymphs during the protogenoi period were the daughters of the protogenoi daemons / titans / titanes so I suppose had more divine heritage or blood. Those of later periods lost part of that divinity or immortality and would eventually die. I suppose you could say the more human they became the more frail they became and death became they future gift.

    Are some actual demi-humans and some still not?

    Mythology wise I think all existing ones are still demi-human on some level. Out side of mythology do they exist I really can't say beyond my own belief system. I know what I've seen and what I've encountered over the years. But then you cross into what can be proven and what has to be "Believed". Crossing into that zone of keeping an open mind but not to the point of having a mind so open that your brains run out so you can accept anything and everything.

    The thing about modern day is some will say, not me let me add that disclaimer, that yes there are mortal nymphs, they call themselves otherkin. So be careful, that is a group all unto itself. though therionthropes might also fall into that category at times as I've heard them claim to be some forms of nymphs due to the merfolk connections.
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    Re: How to talk to/summon a nymph

    Thanks as always lol yeah needa research more

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