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Thread: Distilled water and myths.

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    Re: Distilled water and myths.

    Maybe, but most water animals consume has been flowing through river or pipes.

    Either way i wouldn't worry about. Any difference between hard and soft water is so small that they've had to do a ton of research to find it.

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    Re: Distilled water and myths.

    Distilled water is an active absorber and absorbs carbon dioxide on contact with air, making it acidic. The acidity can then leach minerals from the body.

    THE FACTS: This is true but it is nothing to worry about. Pure H2O does weakly bond with CO2 to form Carbonic Acid. That is why both rain water (which is distilled water) and distilled water are mildly acidic. But not enough to harm you at all, we're talking pH5 or 6. That is about the same as a banana. Neutral pH is 7. Your stomach has a pH of 1-2. The pH scale is logarithmic that means pH6 is ten times more acidic than ph7. So distilled water, after contact with air, is 10-100 times more acidic than neutral (if that makes sense). Your stomach is 1000 times more acidic than distilled water. And Coca-Cola with a pH of 2.8 is over 100 times more acidic than distilled water. The idea of acidic water sounds scary but it does not harm you, if it could, rainwater would harm you and most foods would harm you. There is nothing harmful about drinking distilled water. And if you are at all worried about it being mildly acidic then you can always add a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate.
    The whole leaching minerals argument is an example of what is called psychologists call truthiness; it kind of sounds like it could be true so people believe it. In reality it is non-science. Your body works extremely hard to keep your blood pH between 7.35 and 7.45. If it goes outside that range then your enzymes start to denature and you need to go to hospital. Even people who are slightly out of range like pH7.25 can be very ill indeed. For your blood to be acidic enough to actually start leaching minerals it would have to be well below pH6 and you would definitely be long dead by then.

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