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Thread: Wish I leave and be forgotten

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    Re: Wish I leave and be forgotten

    Pragon. I encourage you to get help from a therapist. I know you don't want to hear my mouth but sometimes it's good to get help from someone who knows their expertise for what you're going through.
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    Re: Wish I leave and be forgotten

    You have to decide if having those people in your life is worth having any stress they cause in your life.

    If you want them in your life but you want them to treat you better, be honest and start that dialogue.

    If you can't stand them and want them away from you, take steps to remove yourself: physically, if you can, or mentally if you aren't able to leave yet.

    Ultimately it's your life, just work towards a life you want. Actively removing yourself from a situation is not the same as hurting someone in a situation.
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    Re: Wish I leave and be forgotten

    Look, I can relate in some ways where you come from. All my close family is Catholic and my brother-in-law is a total asshole at times when we talk about my religion. However, we as humans have the need for closeness, for love, for family. We do share some similarities with animals, especially with wolves and dogs I think. Because they and we have a need that closeness and familial need. We can't have people forget us. Not even in the afterlife. If you want space, let your family know, but don't cut your ties.

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