If these have been covered exhaustively, and my search skills just stink, please disregard.

I own a vintage musclecar, and I am currently (too cold right now) restomodding a vintage airstream. The car will pull the airstream, and together they will be my home. Forever. Unless I wreck one or both.

So, I would like to do this right the first time. In a spiritual sense. The electro/mechanical aspects are no problem.

I'm specifically interested in warding, housewights, and not owning but truly being in tune with the entire structure. Most of it will have been reworked/modified/repaired with my own hands. So I can include things in the structure that normally would be impossible.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Obviously, I'm not going to depend entirely on the forum, and will do my own research (fun to learn but I will give honest consideration to any suggestions.