Since I was a kid I had a fascination with India and what I came to know as Hinduism. In fact, as a 10 year old in 5th grade, I remember writing a little story for class about the god Indra and a visit he made to Earth. I have no idea how I knew about him. I learned more in high school, having joined an after school yoga/TM group. One thing led to another and I started learning about Hinduism. There was no internet in the 70s, just libraries, which is where I got most of my knowledge of Hinduism and India. I was still a practicing Catholic, but I believed in the gods. Gradually I drifted away from Christianity and adopted Hinduism. And now we have the internet, which actually did me more harm than good. Too much conflicting information, and if you're not raise in a particular culture or tradition, it's pretty hard to sort it all out.