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I don't require objective facts to support my beliefs, but I do require that whatever objective facts exist do not oppose my beliefs. Just because we can't prove something objectively, does not mean that it does not exist. So there is plenty of room in the scientific side of my brain for deities, non-corporeal entities, Otherworlds, magic and the supernatural. My spiritual worldview also inherently facilitates a harmonious blending of objective facts with subjective experiences... just because we can explain the scientific processes behind an event, doesn't mean that there is nothing Divine or spiritual within those scientific processes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that for me, science doesn't preclude spiritual.

But then I have never believed in the sort of spiritual that precludes science. So I haven't ever had the crisis of faith of realising that what I believe can't be possible.
My feelings to a t. I really not need expand on it (but I will ).

Like you, I don't want to see science disprove the beliefs I have. If we're talking about needing proof of something I believe in, then no, I don't require it. I'm working purely on faith. However, modern theoretical physics is beginning to line up with, or discover some truth in what Hinduism has held about the nature of existence and cosmology for 5,000 years, and even support it. Maybe the rishis were more in tune with the natural world, or maybe because they devoted their lives to meditation, they had plenty of time to mentally masturbate on it. If it turns out that our gods really are blue-skinned benevolent extraterrestrials, hey, that's cool too. And maybe the rishis did get their knowledge from some blue dude with multiple arms. Who knows?