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Thread: Hello; My Name is Sollomyn

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    Re: Hello; My Name is Sollomyn

    Quote Originally Posted by Sollomyn View Post
    Feel free to delete my account; this forum isn't for me. I'm sick of all the arguing and tired of having to walk around on egg-shells; too exhausting.
    In general I haven't experienced a lot of arguing here. People on this forum are actually very open minded and understanding. But if you're going throw your radical opinion about something in a thread, you can't expect people to stay calm... Try a more positive and empathetic approach next time, wherever you're going next.

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    Re: Hello; My Name is Sollomyn

    I'm locking this thread since the OP has decided to step away. If you are serious about having the account deleted, please submit an official request by using the "contact us" form. A link to that can be found in the bottom navigation bar to the right of the theme picker drop down menu.
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