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    They Paved Paradise

    That's a good song, by the way, haha, but that's not what this is about.

    This is about that strange, deep-seeded sadness I feel in my heart when I stand at the top of the cliff overlooking my city; a vast network of lights and asphalt full of disconnected, ignorant, wasteful consumers with no care in the world that this whole valley used to be beautiful once upon a time, before it became an urban metropolis suffocating Mother Nature's soil that lies deep beneath the surface. Then I feel kind of angry. Then I want to, like, destroy everything and rip everything up so that the Earth can breathe a little better hahaha. Then I feel silly.

    We could've created floating roads and floating buildings and flying cars by now, all running on green, re-newable energy, in harmony with Nature....but noooo.

    We paved paradise; put up a parking lot.

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