So this is just a very rough outline of some seasons I've come up with based on a couple of different calendars with the first day of each season being a time to perform a sacrificial ritual. The themes are self-exploratory but also intended to provide a context to worship select Hellenic powers that I am drawn to. Mind you while I've been reading Greek mythology on and off for some time now that's still a work in process, and I'm still getting to know the gods.

While the calendar is not by any stretch of the imagination reconstructionist I am planning on basing the rituals themselves on reconstructionist rites perhaps with some adaptations, but I am not planning on becoming a reconstructionist myself.

I'm still working out the dates of the calendar, but I know approximately when they occur as this calendar is a re-interpretation of the personal calendar I use in my other rites which is itself a re-interpretation of the Christian liturgical year, so I'm working with a re-interpreted reinterpretation. The calendar it's based on revolves around my own life, so this calendar will be similar.

My motivation for working with the Hellenic powers is partly based on self-exploration which is what all of my spirituality revolves around, but this doesn't exclude worship by any means. So here are the seasons:

The Resting: this season occurs around November through the 21st of December (or possibly the 25th depending on what I eventually decide on). I would like to work with Hekate during this season.

Inspire: this will probably begin on the 21st of December and is associated with the light. An associated god would be Apollo.

New Year: January 1st. I haven't decided what to do with this one yet.

Rapport: this is a time of bonding and would fall around Epiphany. I haven't decided on any deities as of yet.

The Dreaming: this is a time to focus on subjectivity and dreaming with associated gods being Morpheus, Hypnos, and probably some of the others. It falls around Lent because around this time some eight years ago I had a very dream-like waking experience that I commemorate in my personal rites.

The Sacrifice: this season would occur around the Spring Equinox or on that day with an associated god being Dionysus.

Love: This isn't love, but Love with a capital L, a philosophical concept in my Rites being the abstraction of the unity of the universe and also the attractive force of one object or being toward another object or being on a physical and/or emotional level. I associate this concept with the primordial Eros.

Samhain: I will possibly include this Sabbat and work with the ancestors and possibly Hades.

Since this calendar is based on what I commemorate in my Rites and those Rites are self-centered (in a positive sense of that term I believe -- I have some left hand path influences if I'm not altogether left hand path depending on definitions) there are various ways that this calendar is connected to the history of my life in ways that are difficult to explain in just one post. And I want to take that and offer it to the gods for both self and Other-exploration.

One thing I like about this approach is that some of the themes will be associated with the themes of dominant holidays being observed around me and in my communal religious home (explained in my post in the SAFE zone). That will give the calendar a sense of relevance to my own culture while it is also rooted to my individuality and life experiences. Yet it will also be adapted to worship the Hellenic powers. It's also flexible enough that I don't see why it couldn't work for worshipping other Powers as well.

Since I haven't implemented this yet it's going to take some experimentation and further research on my part to see how it works out including further prayer and research of the gods, but I am curious of others' impressions of it or even criticisms, and any advice would be really welcome: I could use some help fleshing out my ideas as this will be a new adventure for me.

Has anyone around here done anything similar to this in terms of creating a calendar? I'm especially curious what any left-hand pathers around here do in terms of holy days and whether they have used their own life as a template for a calendar as I have.

Thanks for reading!