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Point in case Hitler. The world couldn't stand by and do nothing. We had to take him out for the good of society.

In my opinion, I view morals in a different way I suppose. I strongly feel that there are certain things that you generally are moral about. There will always be difficult decisions that you will have to ask if it is moral or not. However, I went to a catholic school for a while when I was a little girl and I was taught the golden rule (though that doesn't necessary apply I think). However, I still had grandparents with a great deal of morality in which rubbed off and my parent have morals that they taught me as well. We view morals differently and we should remember that when making a decision.
In regard to violence I used the phrase "minimize violence" because sometimes it is necessary, though I'm better off without lots of unnecessary violence. Not that anyone disputed this, just a clarification. I may make a post later about what informs my personal moral code unless perhaps I find a recent thread covering that topic to reply to.