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    Death Anxiety Questionnaire

    Alright lets preface. First I am unsure if this is the correct area it should go so Admins feel free to move it. Next this questionnaire came from a short assignment that I recently completed in my developmental psychology class and thought it would be fun to see how others scores. In the chapter we were discussing late adulthood which is in the case of the book 65+. Which of course means that the topic of death is brought up. Which enters this questionnaire, the average person scores an 8.5 and according to my professor I scored the lowest ever in her class. So please take the short quiz score yourself and if you feel up to it tell us what you got and what you learned from it.

    Death Anxiety Questionnaire

    For each of the following items, indicate your response according to the following scale.

    0 not at all

    1 somewhat

    1. very much

    1. _____Do you worry about dying?
    2. _____Does it bother you that you may die before you have done everything you wanted to?
    3. _____Do you worry that you may be ill for a very long time before you die?
    4. _____Does it upset you to think others may see you suffering before you die?
    5. _____Do you worry that dying may be very painful?
    6. _____Do you worry that the people closest to you won’t be with you when you are dying?
    7. _____Do you worry that you may be alone when you are dying?
    8. _____Does the thought bother you that you might lose control of your mind before death?
    9. _____Do you worry that expenses connected with your death will be a burden to other people?
    10. _____Does it worry you that your instructions or Will about your belongings may not be carried out after you die?
    11. _____Are you afraid that you may be buried before you are really dead?
    12. _____Does the thought of leaving loved ones behind when you die disturb you?
    13. _____Do you worry that those you care about may not remember you after your death?
    14. _____Does the thought worry you that with death you may be gone forever?
    15. _____Are you worried about not knowing what to expect after death?

    - - - Updated - - -

    My score was 3. What I scored points in was question 9 and question 12.

    When I was a preteen death was something I worried about quite a bit, this could have been because I was raised in the time of the "world would be ending soon". I was made to go to church at that time and grew up as a southern baptist and they were always preaching revelations. However as I "grew up" the fear of death disappeared. I have two reasons I think this happened: first being I converted to paganism at age 16 and my matron goddess happens to be a crone, I came to realize that death is a part of the cycle of life and that I have been given a gift in living and that to complete that cycle death must follow.

    My other thought process is I suffer pretty bad from depression, it hit me really hard as a teenager and while I have never been suicidal I can recognize in myself that sometimes I'm tired of fighting and that when it's time for me to go I'll go and be ok. I also know that every day is a gift in itself. Even my bad days, and I am beyond bless for what I do have.
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