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Thread: Holy days

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    Holy days

    If you're left hand path do you personally observe holy days? Which ones and how?

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    Re: Holy days

    Probably cliché for a Satanist to say this, but definitely, my most important celebration would be my own birthday. I celebrate it by indulging in the things I like the most: eating a lot, playing music loud, playing videogames, and if I have a partner at the time that has given me their consent, intimacy with said person is definitely a plus in the equation.

    I observe the solstices and equinoxes, mainly because they're a nice occasion to reflect on the pros and cons of balance and unbalance and also reminds me that even though, it is in appearance, a cycle, it is in reality, a spiral. This world has a beginning and an end, and as the world I live in, I, too had a beginning and will have an end.

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