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Thread: YouTube And Mental Illness

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    YouTube And Mental Illness

    I feel like that I want to discuss something important about the a famous YouTube that I'm not even a fan of. His name is Etika. He happen to be a famous Youtuber who streams video games. Up to this point his house being raided by Swat Team and put him into the stretcher because he made threats of President Chump. Then he was in a hospital for a day. Then he was into a Youtube interview with Keemstar which the interview was a disaster because he said that he was the Anti-Christ. Then yesterday I was watching Tipster video that Etika assaulted a police officer. This is really sad and too be honest I think he needs help but I don't really sympathized him at the same time because I think he complete insane. There some Youtuber with mental illness that go complete AWOL and they refused help. Mental illness is a serious issue and they need to take it a bit seriously.

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    Re: YouTube And Mental Illness

    I watched a video by ReviewTechUSA I honestly agree with him. I think that he does have some kind of mental illness and that he isn't making a stunt out of it. It seems that this person has known him for a long time. We can't judge because we don't know the entire story, but let's not make assumptions.

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    Re: YouTube And Mental Illness

    Seriously, famous on youtube is a relative thing. Famous to one person doesn't mean they are famous to another. Regarding being arrested or confronted by swat or Secret Service, make threats against the President it's going to happen. Don't care whether you like him or not, that's a fact of life. Have to be pretty dumb not to realize that. Intelligence really doesn't even come into play on that one. If he got a visit then he must have made some sort of threat. Whether it was a legitimate threat, well that's a different issue but the Secret Service isn't known for taking any threat as a joke.

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