Long story short you can check out my last post in the SAFE zone. No one replied, and that is kind of not helpful. Apollo seemed to have come to me in a dream last year. I kept seeing either him, signs, or symbols, or blatantly his name and image everywhere. Crows, the lyre, laurel, apollo on cars, art, my timeline on FB literally everywhere. Even in my brother's room there is a puzzle of apollo with laurels and lyre just chilling on the staircase to his room. It got weird. Thing is I like what his sister stands for. Although I am good at singing, flowery writing, and other stuff related to him. I never thought such a masculine energy or being would take an interest?

This all happened around the time I was in law school, and stressed out about not doing what I was meant for. Now I'm teaching STEM as a practical way to save up money on seasonal positions. Thing is he is still popping up in my waking life. Children have mentioned him to me in passing, and I still have the crows following me. I just want to understand. Advice, and work with this deity? Anything you have discovered while working with him? I generally just dedicate some music to him, and offer some food like fruit, or extra stuff.