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Thread: The Horrible Truth Of Ciro Marchetti

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    Re: The Horrible Truth Of Ciro Marchetti

    Quote Originally Posted by Juniper View Post
    I'm guessing based on your lack of elaboration, you don't want to have an actual discussion about this issue. Seems like you just want to complain. Maybe I should move this into the random rants thread and be done with it.
    I'm not complaining about anything here and I thought we are having an actual discussion. I explain real clearly about Ciro Marchetti being closed minded about disabled can't afford the computer and I still stand by what my friend said about him. If you want to move it to random rants then go right ahead. I already explain what type of person Ciro Marchetti really is.
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    Re: The Horrible Truth Of Ciro Marchetti

    Considering this isn't a discussion, but a gripe fest about a person that's not even a member here to defend their reasonings, I'm locking this thread. There's potential for an actual discussion about the value of providing a companion book with a tarot deck vs a PDF and the various reason for or against it, but this thread was never following that path from the start, and I don't like the path that it is on.
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