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Thread: So I prayed to multiple gods...

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    So I prayed to multiple gods...

    Hi everyone, I just joined. So a little bit about me before I get to my question, I was raised catholic but around 15 years old I realized I was gay and became incredibly disenchanted with Christianity, I realized that I only was in it because my parents had sort of indoctrinated me, and I realized that my prayers looked like they were unreceived. I identified as agnostic for about 2 years after that and an atheist ever since then, so about 6 years. Anyway I haven't really had any reason to get into any religions since then, ive always been pretty miserable, nothing seemed to be going right. But then something kinda weird happened a few days ago. So I have a friend who is a practicing pagan/wiccan. He's used both terms, but essentially he worships the ancient irish gods. Anyway, I've been looking for an apartment and I needed some luck, so I halfheartedly said "Oh hey you should like do some sort of luck spell for me so I can get an apartment." And he sent me some luck symbols that I painted on the backs of my hands. I'm not entirely sure what religion they are from. One if a five pointed star (each point represents fire, water, earth, air, and spirit) and the other is 3 circles that are joined together, sort of like a venn diagram but theres 3 circles instead of 2. (Also if anyone knows if that's all you have to do to activate the charms let me know, all I did was draw them on myself, I didn't have to say anything, according to him) So the next day I went to a pride parade and nothing really happened, but I did see Satanists marching with a few Christian churches, and it kind of sparked an interest in me, so later that night, I did a little research on Satanism before heading to bed. Well anyway the next day, today came along and something very... miraculous happened. So all in all it probably doesn't sound miraculous to most people but for me it was, basically I went to see one of my doctors and I go to the receptionist to schedule my next appointment and my mom informs me someone has complimented me. So I turn around and... the single most beautiful man I have ever seen is sitting across the office from me. Like, he was absolutely GORGEOUS. And he had actually complimented me! Like, that never happens, I'm like the least attractive person on the planet, I'm still a virgin (Kind of at least), ive never kissed anyone, never even been on a date. Haven't had anyone even express any interest in me before. And I don't know for sure if this guy was interested in me, but I like to think he is. And anyway it was just an absolutely magical moment. Unfortunately because I'm terribly awkward, I can only thank him for the compliment and tell him he looks great too. I got a second chance when I saw him on the way back to out car, but I couldn't think of anything to say. I asked my mom what I should've done and she didn't know either lol. But anyway, its been a long time, a loooong time since ive ever felt such a strong attraction to another person, and I probably sound completely mental but I feel in my heart that this could go somewhere. Even if we were just friends that would be so amazing, like I have no friends where I live so even if we were just friends id be incredibly happy, but if we were to date... I just don't even have words. It's my life goal. So when I got home I immediately told my friend about it and was like "omg you have to like pray for me or something." And he offered a prayer to Aengus, the irish love god. Then he, I assume halfheartedly, suggested I pray to Aphrodite, since she's a love god. So I did, and I drew her symbol on my ankle. But then I thought, hey, maybe this has something to do with Satan, I researched him last night, maybe he's trying to reach out to me? So then I prayed to Satan as well. Anyway I never made any "sacrifices" meaning me saying "I want this so badly I will do X if you let me have this." I wasn't really sure I wanted to commit to anything. But anyway, I got an idea and I thought it would be really awesome, I should get a tattoo of one of the gods, if my wish comes true. But by this point I've sent prayers to or could attribute my wish coming true to a ton of different gods. I mean it could've been Aengus, it could be Aphrodite (even though I didn't interact with her until after I met that beautiful man) it could be Satan, it could've even been someone else, like maybe one of the other pagan/wiccan gods, since this could be attributed to me drawing those symbols on myself. So yeah, main problem is I don't know how I'm going to know which god to get a tattoo for, since at this point it could be any of them. And I also wonder if I'm misguided, do I even need to feel like I have to do something in order to get this wish granted? Please let me know what you think. Like if theres a way I could know which god helped me. Assuming this even happens, I could've just gotten lucky and I might never meet him again, in which case I'll probably just revert to atheism.

    Also I wanted to ask anyone who has experience with the gods I mentioned, if I did everything correctly? The luck charms I just drew on my skin, no spell or anything, he claimed that you don't need to say anything if you draw the symbol on a person. And for praying to Aengus, Aphrodite, and Satan I just put my hands together like Christians do and spoke out loud, trying to think of the god in question. I tried to find any information on how to actually pray to them but theres a lot of... conflicting information out there. So please let me know if I did all that right. Thank you
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    Re: So I prayed to multiple gods...

    Firstly, let me welcome you to our forum. We're happy to have you. Secondly, please refrain from using colored text- it's basically impossible to read with some themes, including the one I'm currently using- and using paragraph breaks helps with readability.

    Addressing your post: magic and faith are not necessarily the same thing, though they may be related. Magic is something like a good luck spell but, you don't need to worship a god to do that. Faith is your interaction with the divine and beliefs about the nature of the divine. There can and often is overlap between magic and faith. A five pointed star is called a pentagram, some people ascribe elemental affinity to the points- it is probably the most common symbol used in modern paganism. The three circles is likely a form of triquetra- an ancient Celtic symbol also sometimes used by Christians. Side note: you may see modern paganism called neopaganism, or just paganism, this is to distinguish it from ancient, and often unrelated, pagan beliefs which are often different from what's practiced today.

    Wicca is a form of neopaganism, think how both Catholics and Protestants are Christians, but different kinds of Christians. Wiccans worship two deities, a god and a goddess who are believed to be a composite of all gods. For example, a Wiccan may worship the goddess as a nameless goddess, or worship her in a specific aspect like Diana. It can be thought of like a mask or different face of a greater goddess. Or to make a blasphemous and a little inaccurate comparison, like how Jesus is God and also a part of the trinity. The idea that Wicca is a reconstruction of ancient Irish beliefs is just incorrect, though the same aesthetics are used, though your friend might also worship the Irish gods like I described earlier, or in a different way. Faith is a personal thing we all interact with differently.

    Our relationship with the divine is personal and personalized. There is no right or wrong way of doing faith. It seems like you're still very new and attempting to learn. Don't make any big life decisions without thinking them through and without further experience. Research and reflection is key. Expose yourself to new information, find answers, and think about how you relate with them. Do not view the gods simply as a way of fulfilling your desires, they are not servants. Think instead about your relationship with the divine.

    There's a thing called confirmation bias. It's the idea that when we think about something and get an idea, when we invest energy in something, or begin paying attention to it, that it starts to show up more in our lives. In reality, these things happen to us all the time, but because it's on our mind or we're making effort to affect that thing, we perceive it as happening more. It's possible your actions had no affect on this thing at all and you only ascribed such significance to it because you had done this ritual. Regardless, magic is rarely instantaneous and it will never fix everything all by itself. It is a tool to assist in achieving your desire, but you need to do practical things yourself too.
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    Re: So I prayed to multiple gods...

    I've cleared the formatting to make things legible in dark themes. I suspect that it was accidental (likely from typing up the post in another program and copying it to PF) but it's after 3:30 and I'm not staying awake to test whether that works the way I think it does.
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    Re: So I prayed to multiple gods...

    Hey welcome!! I hope we can help you find some answers! I have to say, I have no experience with the deities you've mentioned, but a big, BIG word of caution...

    Do NOT just get a tattoo as a thanks to a random god you have no relationship with!!!

    1. Not sure if you have any tattoos yet, but you shouldn't go into it unless youre sure you can live with it.
    2. By writing here that you would get a tattoo as thanks for things working out, whether you say you explicitly stated "if you do this then I'll do this" or not, you've just said it here. What I read there is you have promised to mark yourself for this deity, permanently. Another thing you shouldn't do willy-nilly.
    3. If you do want a pagan-esque tattoo, usually I'd suggest something more generic. Getting a specific symbol can tie you to, and hold you to something you may not want to stay attached to.

    I'm not trying to scare you off. Creating a relationship with one, or more, of these deities could literally change your life. Many people here would say the same. Personally I do have tattoos for my deities (I even have a pentagram tattooed on me, same as the mark you drew!). It sounds like an interesting entry into the field!

    My advice? Research! Read everything you can. Ask questions. Be sceptical. Read more. Ask more questions. Meditate. Pray. Take nothing at face value. Good luck!
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