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    Cool Greetings from a Cemiist!

    Hello everyone! My name is Giomar, and i am a teenaged Hispanic, and my faith is Cemiism/ Zemiism.

    Now i know that many of you most likely do not know what my faith is all about, so i will give a short description, and then you guys are free to ask any questions.

    Cemiism is a practice reviving the practices of the Taíno people. The Taínos are a group of Native tribal Indians hailing from the greater Antilles in the Caribbean, namely Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic), and Jamaica.

    However, when Christopher Columbus invaded these islands, despite the Tainos being exceptionally friendly and welcoming, he took advantage and decimated nearly the entire native population (like he did to the Aztecs, Mayans, etc)

    Today, Most people of these countries have Taíno blood, but it is mixed with other races as well, like in the three Hispanic Islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic), the populations' blood is a mixture of the natives, blood from Spain, and from the Africans that were brought via the slave trade.

    Thus, this movement is highly linked to the revival of a Culture destroyed, and such many of its practitioners are people hailing from these islands or who has relation to them (that's not to say people of other races can't practice it)

    Belief wise, it is a Polytheistic religion, believing in many lesser deities and two main deities, Yucahú, who is the creator of the world, and God of Yuca, the main crop of the Taínos, and a food which is really popular where i'm from (it's really yummy ) and, Yucahús' mother Atabey, the mother Goddess, who prevails over flat water surfaces, such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

    Ancestors are also very important in this faith as well. They are called Huipas, or Cemi. Cemis are also the name of both the Gods, spirits, and the object representing a certain God, like an idol.

    Some deities also have different manifestations. I don't know many of the manifestations, but i do know the ones of Atabey, Caguana, the spirit of love, and Guabancex, the violent face of Atabey, often referred to as a separate Goddess as well, who controls Hurricanes and many of other natural disasters.

    Her presence was announced by Guataúba, the God of lighting, thunder, and destruction, and she was entrusted to the maintenance of a mythical land known as Aumatex.

    Well, that is all, thank you all for reading, and don't hesitate to ask questions! I'm no Cacique (Taíno word for chief), but i'll try my best to answer your questions!
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