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Thread: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    If the question regards our beliefs...

    Well, my belief is that no existent god can undo creation, undo nature. If there’s magic in the world, nature reserves the lions share of that potency for itself. Turning back the tides or halting viral/bacterial soread are out of their wheelhouse. If a tree falls on your leg and takes it won’t be growing any new ones.

    This, regardless of how strongly we believe in gods or how well lived a person might be by them.
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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    Why not make a new leg, or kill the bacteria, no need to reverse time & events, though that's possible too

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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    Well, yeah. Why not? If I’m seriously considering whether there is magic. And gods who can do it. And gods who care to do it for some specific person... I still have to account for our long-standing observation that it doesn’t happen.

    Regardless of whether I allow for mysterious reasons or a gods personal inability or even their indifference in spite of ability. We don’t know of any spells or rituals or gods that have stopped a virus or bacteria or regrew a limb.

    I go with the simplest contention that allows for all conjecture and accepts all facts. For whatever reason, even if there are gods or rituals that can do x, x doesn’t happen.

    Others believe other things.
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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    I'll be point blank nothing you've said here would in my opinion qualify you for any sort of divine intervention. Mythology wise divinities intervene in the lives of heroes and they are doing things for large groups not someone trying to get through their senior year as their sole reason. Your reason is all hubris basically and nothing more.

    Occasionally the divinities or spirits will cause an illness or actual death of persons they have selected to be "Spiritual" representatives for them. Yet such actions may mean the person is healed or it may mean they are cursed in some manner or marked. Think of stigmata for instance, very much a marking within the frame work of Christianity. Within certain forms of shamanic type pathways the practitioner will actually die a physical death (that happened to me). Others will suffer a severe illness that may take them to the edge of death or leave them physically disabled or handicapped though they recover from the illness. Still others will suffer from disabilities such as seizures, blindness, temporary insanity are some of the common conditions I am aware of.

    Of course that doesn't touch upon the idea of Daemons, demons, angels or other non-godlike entities. Yet entities that hold a position typically above humanity yet beneath what many recognize as "divinities". Things like guides, spirit animals, plant allies, elementals, etc. Entities found in various mythologies and fables that interact with the natural world through various means.

    You asked what ancient pagans did, ok they died. Other wise they went to various sanctuaries, temples, or groves and left offerings (votives) often shaped in the form of what ever body part was sick. Prayed to the particular divinity or divinities they believed in to heal their sickness and suffered through the remainder of however long that life lasted. Then the surviving father, wife, husband, mother, etc often dedicated memorials and made offerings to those same divinities to ensure the deceased member crossed into the afterlife and didn't become a restless dead.

    Your talking about gods & goddesses that bring forth plagues and mention Apollo and of course his twin Artemis are both associated with bringing forth plagues. But sorry the Black Death is not the plague and pestilence normally associated with either of them in the myths and legends. More like crop failure, infertility of the stock and starvation or stock, plague of locust, drought, would be more in line with plagues caused by them causing loss of life and destruction. Well except in the case of say Niobe where they slew all her children or most of them depending upon the story.

    Sorry your saying your doing better but your no doctor. Nor are you qualified to diagnose your own mental state and condition. Much less to quantify and qualify that diagnosis by comparing it against other teens / kids on the net who may have the same conditions / resistance to the system. Sort of like the idea of saying your having breathing issues but your not allergic to cats because you don't see it so your natural parents must be wrong because they've seen you react to it over the span of your 17 years of life. I lived in Japan for 6.5 years and never made the connection that my asthma flared up every year when the cherry blossoms came out. I was to close to the problem, it was someone else who noticed it that lived in the same house with me and made it. Then when I stopped to consider it and think about it they were right.

    Personally I do not know of any ethical or legitimate practitioner regardless of pathway that will advise you in regards to this subject from a medical standpoint. That is not to say there are not those who will not be willing to aid you, especially for a small price. As a shamanic practitioner though in this instance though i'd have to follow a piece of biblical advise....Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give unto God what is God's. Right now you need to give unto Caesar his do ... that is this is a medal issue and your best bet is to turn to qualified medical personal there are no rituals, rites, ceremonies or such that are going to make you better and no gods, goddesses are going to step in and save you just to make your senior year better

    and sorry no person your talking to on the net is going to do it either in some special group even if they are supposed to be suffering the same thing. Yes the legal system can "Process" you if it is determined to be for you own safety and best interest. One of the things I had to deal with as I worked with Special Needs children for 10 years with a School System.
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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    Mortal Art generally falls short of the miraculous and if exceptions to that rule exist, finding them is liable to take decades of searching. If any of us had literal miracles at our disposal then odds are those miracles would have been brought to bear against the trials of our lives or to save the lives of people we care for.

    Divine Art may encompass the miraculous but it happens at the whim of forces beyond us. Sure, one can ask for divine aid but it cones at the will of a divinity when, where and how that divinity sees fit. We can't say anything that will guarantee the type of favor that would bring such exalted aid or we'd have called for it in our own lives.
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    Re: Rituals to cure sickness/illness

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_ View Post
    Not talking about the surplus amount of pagan believers that died of plague etc, talking about those that were healed in myth and legend, those who were successful
    I wasn't talking about the ones who died of the plague either. I was talking about the ones who died of simple infections. Because that's what happened.

    In terms of mythology... I actually do have one for you. In Northern Lore there is a cautionary tale about a person who tried to heal a friend by carving certain healing runes above the person's bedpost. He used the correct runes, but he wasn't a rune vitki and he didn't have the knowledge, understanding or experience to execute it properly. And so he actually caused the person to slip into a coma. And then a rune vitki had to be bought in to undo the well-meaning but ultimately harmful healing spell.

    Spells and rituals like you are requesting aren't recipes. You can't just pick one up, throw the ingredients together and get a predictable result. You need the background and foundation. You need the knowledge and experience. You need the relationship with the entities and deities in question. There is no such thing as praying to a god once or twice and being miraculously healed. It doesn't happen. Even in mythology, we are talking about deities and entities that people have had years of worship and relationship-building with. Deities don't just give out free services... they expect payment, respect, and a serious relationship or arrangement.

    What you CAN do is look up healing correspondences, put together an altar or ritual and create an energy in your life that complements and encourages a healing environment and mindset. But it will not magickally heal you. It will not solve all your problems in one ritual. Or two. Or five or ten. It will complement the actions that you take in the real world. It will smooth the path.

    And as a side note, I actually do believe in real deities. I am a hard polytheist and I believe that the deities are real beings in another plane of existence who have some small measure of power in this world within certain parameters. Specifically, I work with deities of death and healing. And I am also a healer by trade. Most of our magick healing work acts on the energy body, not the physical body. That is not to say that it is useless or has no effect... but that it acts on one part of our entire organism. For magick or energy or intent to cause the sort of major physiological changes that you are suggesting is almost unheard of, even in mythology. You have to remember that the people who wrote the myths had very little understanding of medicine. To them, a chronic infection clearing up due to the body's own immune system was a miracle of the gods. When hundreds of people died of some plague but some survived... they put that down to divine intervention. But the reality was just simple immunology. The body is an incredibly complex and amazing construct and it can be capable of amazing feats of self-regulation and healing. Or it can succumb to simple infections and you can die after being scratched by a stick.

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