I have gps!

Anywho, hello. I am Medusa and I've been a member here since Rok n Roll. Get it. Rok?
*is this thing on?

I digress. I'm an old member but not ancient. I'm only 47. My mind is 14, my bones are 89 and my heart is dead. I'm a LaVeyan Satanist going on (gets out calculator) doot deet doot doot carry the 2....33 years. *see mom, it's not a phase!*

Wolverine Alive
audio books
horror podcasts
nin, tool, manson
our pitbull Lexi
spicy foods

No buenos:
Wolverine dead
(No! I have not watched Logan! Yes, I know what happens. I don't need that kind of deep dark depression in my life. I got enough of that already, thank you berry much!)
uptight folks
spiders, ants and whatever is biting me in my bed at night that is gonna die in a fire.