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Thread: Just talking and thinking out loud

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    Just talking and thinking out loud

    It's been a tough two weeks now.

    A little over a week and a half ago we woke up to find that one of our dogs , Scrapper, had died in the night. We figured he had a stroke / seizure based upon how his body was laying. He was an older dog and it's sort of a common occurrence in the species. Both at birth and when they get older. In fact we lost one (Sport) out of that litter a few weeks after they were born, then a few years ago lost one of his sisters (Missy) to the same thing. Still knowing that didn't lessen the pain, especially for my grandson who took it really hard. Yet he is buried next to his sister now and the family sang his song and said our blessings and parting messages. My grandson writing his crossing song / message to be buried with him.

    Then yesterday we had to put down another of his sisters, Lady. We've tried to do for her and keep her going but her hip dysplasia had gotten so bad she could no longer walk or stand. On her good days she would stand but as soon as she moved she'd collapse. We'd seen that look she had in her eye's before in her father's (Fred) eye's when he'd given up and was asking to be let go.

    So my Wife Karen, son Timothy and grandson Gregory stayed with her at the vets as she dropped her earthly garb. Gregory holding her and talking to her as she drifted away and her spirit left her body. Then we brought her body home to be buried next to her siblings.

    Today we have two dogs left from that family group now. Sassy the mother and Angel the daughter all the others we had have crossed over that we kept with us. One day we know they to shall come to rest beside the other's except for those whose ashes will be interned with me. The only reason for that being we didn't own this land when the other's died.

    Perhaps in the future their graves will be forgotten as the earth reclaims their earthly forms. But our grandson will inherit our property and home probably as he insists he will be the one to take care of us in our old age he he he. Serious though all of our older grandchildren are aware of the graves as are our sons and daughter-in-laws.
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    Re: Just talking and thinking out loud

    Im sorry you're going through this. Pet deaths are never easy. I hope the burden of pain lessens soon.
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    Still, it was a blessing I would never relinquish. Love, genuine love, was always a cause for joy.
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    Re: Just talking and thinking out loud

    I'm so sorry.

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.

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    Re: Just talking and thinking out loud

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy.
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