Hi everyone,

So a few weeks ago I did a call me/message me spell ( first spell i had ever done). I wanted someone to reach out to me who I hadnít spoken to for about a month. So I did the spell late at night ( the one where you draw an image like an angel or a butterfly and keep the piece of paper in your phone) and went to sleep. Sure enough the very second I woke up I recieved a message from the person I wanted to contact me!! We chatted all day everyday for about a week until we lost contact again due to busy schedules? Anyway i tried to do the same spell twice more over the last couple of weeks and it didnít work at all.
(Please figure if Iím being ignorant as I explained this is the first time I ever delved into witchcraft.)

Any thoughts? How could the spell be so powerful the first time and not work at all afterwards.