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Thread: Witches voice

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    Witches voice

    So apparently this is a thing in case anyone was super invested in the site
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    Re: Witches voice

    Ah vox...two decades ago it was pretty much the only place online to connect with the moderately like-minded. It became stale pretty quick, and limped along since. I sometimes wonder if that's the eventual fate of any site or group like it.

    I think that one of my favorite pagan themed meme/listicles started there - "The Field Guide to Neo Pagans".

    -Monster Truck Pagans
    Can grow their own food, build their own house, sew their own clothes homeschool their children and brew their own organic hooch. Are looking forward to the bleak, post-apocalyptic world postulated by the environmentalists as they can't wait to run amok through the country, worshiping ancient gods, blowing up strip malls and rutting on the divider line of every interstate.
    You may be a monster-truck pagan if your anointing oil is 30 weight.
    You may be a monster truck pagan if cakes & wine means tailgate party.
    You may be a monster truck pagan if Autumn is the Burning Time.
    Distinguishing Signs: Resourceful, clever and very well versed in the U. S. Constitution. Eats meat with visible twitches of pleasure. Is aware that primitive religions have nothing to do with crystals, Atlantis or unicorns.
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