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    Hi I'm looking for guidance on becoming a witch I've started my alter and done a bit of research bought wicca books. I'm also learning about the spirit world and spirits.
    But looking for someone who is honest no offence you can get some horrible people around. So any help like best place to buy spell ingredients/items and good books on spells it's most appreciated thank you. 🙏

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    Re: Help!!!

    Wicca offers you the spiritual (and practical) freedom of growing your own ingredients and your own tradition. It's worth looking into, especially right from the outset.

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    Re: Help!!!

    Thanks rhythm

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    Re: Help!!!

    There's many ways to practice and many kinds of practices. I like to grow and forage for my own materials when possible, but buying them online is fine too. Try to make sure any materials you get, like herbs or crystals, are ethically and sustainable sourced. Genuine dragons blood is endangered, for example, and there's concerns over the commercial harvest of white sage, as another example. There are many who would say the specific materials are not as important as the intention for magical use, and this is true, but when delving into things like herbal medicine or ingesting materials one should be careful. Herbs can have actual effects on body chemistry and can be dangerous, so never eat or drink something you're not sure is safe or if you don't know what you're doing. For example monkshood and mandrake are commonly talked about and are both super poisonous. Also some rocks and crystals dissolve in water and some produce toxic compounds when they do that. I'd also say be aware of trespassing and land laws in your area since you don't want to be arrested while foresting or mucking about in graveyards. Lastly is a good rule for any practitioner and more about magic than practicality, don't get in over your head and never conjure anything outside your ability to banish, this applies to all spiritual entities.
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    Re: Help!!!

    Thank you corvus for explaining and giving some guidance. I'm still getting my alter together my wand should be here tomorrow then I'm gonna learn to cast a circle and then do some protection spell. And I'm interesting if there is any meditation spells to help me meditate. Thanks again corvus if there is anymore help and advice you can share will be appreciated thank you

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    Re: Help!!!

    Have you learned how to sense, raise and direct energy?
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