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    Hi I'm really confused the last 8 weeks I've really felt that I want to see my spirit guides my angels. I want to learn tarot I bought tarot cards I bought crystal ball I've bought runes I have books on all items. I have witchcraft books spirits tarot runes books I have crystals doing meditation I really want to connect to something. I don't seem to be getting anywhere Im going for private psychic reading on Friday I'm hoping I can get help there. I talk to my spirit guides and angels I know they listen but i try to look and listen for reply but nothing. I have a talking board I'm so tempted to use it I've blessed it with sage said a prayer. Can someone give me some advice please thank you.

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    Re: Confused!!!

    Seems like you might be just a tiny bit desperate. Spirituality and communion with beings can take years to develop in some people. Take your time, practice meditation daily. Tarot, Scrying (divination with a crystal ball or any reflective surface) and runes all take a certain amount of time to use comfortably.
    Also, for divination, it is, in my opinion, of utmost important to have a decent mastery of your headspace. You need to be able to reach a state of mind in which any doubt, worry, stress/anxiety factor or fears are nullified, or they will interfere with the reading.

    Also, seems like you might be a bit trigger-happy when it comes to spending money. While having documentation on the tools you have is definitely a good thing, intuition and faith are ultimately your best allies. Reading books doesn't give you an immediate answer, you still need to practice and find your own interpretation of aforesaid books. You also need to be comfortable modifying your practice to better fit your own needs instead of following the books to the letter.

    Experiment, give it time. I've been reading tarot for the past 10 years and I'm only starting to consider myself decent at it.

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    Re: Confused!!!

    Sean R I really appreciate your reply and honesty. I am meditating everyday can I ask how you started learning tarot and do you practice anything else or connect with your spirit guide. Thank you again for your positive words

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    Re: Confused!!!

    I'm going to ask you to think about something, What do you think a Spirit Guide Is?

    All the recent books will tell you that you have one but the reality is that not everyone does. The reason I say that is because most books and many online sites are going to say it's some sort of animal, usually a mammal, that is going to come to you. In fact you may not even have a guardian Angel watching over you either or one that is going to guide you there either. What you might have is an ancestral spirit that watches over you and acts as a guide. You might have a part of your higher self that is your guide and simply sounds like your own inner voice. You might have an insect type guide that simply appears to show up over and over but is unobtrusive and non-vocal. Yet it's presence is abnormal in where and when it shows which makes it stand out and its character is what makes it a guide or teacher.

    But a person becomes so focused upon what they expect their guardian or guide to be or do that they fail to see or hear them when they are present. They ignore the mouse because they are looking for the bear or wolf. They ignore the cold at their neck because they are waiting for the voice in their head, but the cold at their neck is the breath and touch letting them know the ancestor is touching them.

    Spending money on books, runes, cards (tarot or oracle), I-ching, ouija or other talking boards and all the other stuff really is a waste of money when your starting out. Your a master of none and not even a jack of a few because you don't know how to read them, feel them or actually touch them. Tarot is more than just the meaning of the cards from the book or the image of the card on its face. It's the ability to see the forest for the tree's yet also see the tree's because of the forest. To look and see into the depths of the cards not just the surface of the cards. We use the 3rd eye on the cards almost as much as we do when we scrye on water or a crystal ball. Sometimes even see them moving between cards or surfaces.

    None of that even touches upon whether your doing it as a craft or doing it as part of your spirituality / religion. That can change the energy and mindset from where your pulling your focus and foundations from.
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    Re: Confused!!!

    What's the confusion about exactly? When Christians pray are they distressed when God does not speak back? It's not like you can just buy your way into a collect call with the other side. If it was as simple and formulaic as doing such and such then it would be a fact of science and replication, not faith and magic. Think over why you really want to do this. People ask me to conjure sometimes, they want to "talk to dead people" and they have no reason. It is not a loved one they want to call, there is no burning question or desire to connect with the spiritual. They just want a thrill, some weird thing they can experience in relative safety before returning to their normal lives. Yeah lets do a seance so you can get a little spooked and be able to tell your coworkers about that one time a demon attacked you. They don't have the respect.

    Even when we are receptive to the signs, and working to connect with the other world, there are no guarantees. Sometimes we lack the skill, or the mindset, or the other beings are not receptive to our work. In any case, even for skilled and experienced practitioners there are factors beyond our control. Even aside though, not everyone has a talent for divination, so practicing it will be like practicing anything else that's hard, except for this there's no definitive guide to the right and wrong ways to improve. There are many ways of communicating and they don't always manifest in obvious ways. Very rarely is the spirit's response a booming voice from the heavens, often runes and cards might not work, but that doesn't mean they're aren't other omens to observe. Practice, patience, and don't get in over your head. No one becomes a master overnight, some would say no one ever does.
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    Re: Confused!!!

    As Corvus was wondering, what are you confused about? It seems like the question is more an item of whatever that is than anything else.

    Confused in general, or confused with the lack of effect generated by occult paraphernalia? Maybe that stuff just doesn't work, or doesn't work the way people think that it does? That would be the simplest answer. Alot harder to answer for general life confusion, though.

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    Re: Confused!!!

    What are you confused about? And what have you actually DONE? Reading books is great but amounts to nothing if you don't put what you learn into practise.
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