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    Good Evening

    Hello, i am Dustin. After a bit of looking about for a forum to join- i landed here. You all have gathered and posted a vast amount of info. I will be doing more reading then posting- from the looks of thread searchs.

    I am a man of tradtions ( i do my best to be a man) I enjoy The Wheel of The Year and all the festivals. I do not partake in magik. Everything I need can be found in the Earth, my ancestors and family. A thinking mind and a strong heart can do anything- I am an Old Norse pagan but I do not think of the Gods as we see them in contemporary depiction. The Gods for me are natural phenomena given human attributes BUT I do have a lot of fun telling my child tales and asking riddles. I mix in a little of everything for my child, if you need a good children's book, check out The Solstice Badger.

    I spend my days, reading, brewing and spending as much time as I can outside. I have attended a private Christian college, this was a very interesting time in my life- I learned a lot, to make this short. Some ideas i hold are that we all should keep to our tribe, do our best to be our best, leave the Earth in a better shape then we have found it and teach our childeren to be good people.

    In my mid 30s now, my life has changed alot. My wife passed away this past Oct. 13th. She was twenty-seven. This leaves my almost four year old and myself to ourselves. We will still follow our plan and we are not far off from living a complete permaculture life. Just have to buy a massive amount of solar batteries and get the root cellar working ( this has been a pain and is a lost art). So far the most challenging thing about this has been the idea of my child being removed from her daily life and knowing when to do this. I still think of waiting till she is an adult and I retire and hide amount the trees and my thoughts.

    Being from a very isolated area, moving into a town and later a city has been an odd trip by itself. Growing up, I lived (my parents still do) 17 miles in an direction, away from other people- 28 miles to the nearest gas station, more cows then people and a lot of space and quit. I could even walk to the mailbox nude and not worry about anything other then a bug bite.

    Feel free to ask anything you like and thank you for your time. Oh and I am really into the meaning of names, with these clues, see if you can figure out my full name...

    Thor's stone
    Heathen (German) Old English is very different
    Germanic, "powerful and brave," composed of the elements ric,
    "power" and hard,
    "hardy or brave."

    clues are not in any order.

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