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    Behold! In the night there was storm, and the rushing of snow and of sleet.
    And the boom of the sea and the moaning of pines in its desolate beat.
    And the hall of fierce Erick of Sogn with the clamor of wassail was filled,
    With the clash of great beakers of gold and the reek of the ale that was spilled.
    For the Yule was upon them, the Yule; and they quaffed from the skulls of the slain,
    And shouted loud oaths in hoarse wit, and long quaffing swore laughing again.
    Unharnessed from each shaggy throat, that was hot with brute lust and with drink,
    Each burly wild skin was barbaric tossed, rent from the gold of its link.
    For the Yule was upon them, the Yule, and the wassails were shouted and roared
    By the Berserks, the eaters of fire, and the Jarls round the ponderous board.
    And huge on the hearth, that writhed, hissing, and bellied, an ingot of gold,
    The Yule-log, the half of an oak from the mountains, was royally rolled.
    And its warmth and its glory, that glared, smote red through the width of the hall,
    And burnished the boar-skins and bucklers and war-axes hung on the wall.
    And the maidens, who hurried big goblets, that bubbled, excessive with barm,
    Blushed rose to the gold of thick curls as the shining steel mirrored each charm.
    And Erick's one hundred gray skalds, at the nod and the beck of the king,
    With the stormy-rolled music of a hundred wild harps made the castle re-echoing ring.
    For the Yule, for the Yule was upon them, and battle and rapine were o'er;
    And Harald, the viking, the red, and his brother lay dead on the shore.
    For the harrier, Harald the red, and his merciless brother, black Ulf,
    With their men on the shore of the wintery sea were carrion cold for the wolf.
    Behold! for the battle was ended; the battle that clamored all day,
    With the rumble of shields that were shocked and of spears that were splintered like spray:
    With the hewing of swords that fierce-lightened like flames and that smoked with hot
    And the crush of the mace that was hammered through helm and through brain that
    And the cursing and howling of men at their gods,---at their gods whom they cursed,
    Till the caves of the ocean re-bellowed and storm on their battling burst.
    And they fought; in the flying and drifting and silence of covering snow,
    Till the wounded that lay with the dead, with the dead were stiff frozen in woe.
    And they fought; and the mystical flakes that were clutched by the maniac wind
    Drave sharp on the eyes of the kings, made the sight of their warriors blind.
    Still they fought; and with leonine wrath were they met, till the battle-god, Thor,
    In his thunder-wheeled chariot rolled, making end of destruction and war.
    And they fell---like twin rocks of the mountains, or pines, that rush, hurricane-hurled,
    From their world-rooted crags to the ocean below with the wreck of the world.
    But, lo! not in vain their loud vows! on the black iron altars of War
    Not in vain as victims, the warriors, their blood as libation to Thor!
    Lo! a glitter and splendor of arms through the snow and the foam of the seas
    And the terrible ghosts of the vikings and the gauntleted Valkyries!
    Yea, the halls of fierce Erick of Sogn with the turmoil of wassail are filled,
    With the steam of the flesh of the boar, and the reek of the ale that is spilled.
    For the Yule and the victory are theirs, and the wassails are shouted and roared
    By the Berserks, the eaters of fire, and the Jarls round the ponderous board.

    Madison Julius Cawein, The Poems, (1908)
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    For the Yule was upon them, the Yule; and they quaffed from the skulls of the slain,
    And shouted loud oaths in hoarse wit, and long quaffing swore laughing again.

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    Re: Yule


    Happy Yule, folks!
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    Re: Yule

    Merry Yule everyone!

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    Re: Yule

    Happy Yule! I decided to feast, (translation: use it as an excuse to pig out), this year. I had apples and Brie and crackers on and off all day long yesterday. It's fairly warm here in the middle of the USA so it doesn't feel quite like the right time of year, but I'm glad it's not cold.

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    Re: Yule

    Blessed Yule all. Let the sun and warmth return to us, andet us never forget the lessons learned in our darkness. I went to a lovely ceremony and get together with the temple folks saturday. Then family friends had a small potluck sunday. I enjoy having enough pagan friends that our december parties are Yule parties and I can set up an altar on the mantle for us. I love spending time with people around this part of the year.
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    Sorry you were caught, I said. Sorry that you thought I was weak, but you were wrong.”
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    Re: Yule

    Happy holidays, yall. I hope your fires are warm, and your cups are full - and to those in the s hemisphere, the second thing, but with a strong blast of cold AC.

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