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Thread: Spells for Gardening?

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    Spells for Gardening?

    I have recently taken up indoor gardening, by which I mean growing a couple of potted plants indoors. I eventually plan to have a lot more plants, but so far I've started small. What I'm wondering is: Are there any spells or other forms of magic that can be used to encourage plants to grow, or generally to be healthy? Of course I'm doing my due diligence with watering, soil type, light, natural fertilizing and other plant needs. But I'm wondering if there's any magic that could help them be even healthier, help them grow faster, or possibly keep them from dying if I ever end up over my head with a new plant. I'm hoping that aside from helping my plants, this could also help me to experiment with and learn about magic, since I'm a newbie in these things and sometimes it's helpful to learn by doing

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    Re: Spells for Gardening?

    If you find any send it my way. It would be worth trillions of dollars.

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    Re: Spells for Gardening?

    OK. These things depend on what you think magic is.

    Myself, I do not think that magic is made by saying words, burning candles, or even minding your wards and locks.

    I would say that all of those are mental aids to help focus attention.

    Focused attention is the thing that creates one of the effects we often refer to as magic.

    So my suggestion would be: keep going. You are learning, you are practising, you are gaining the quality of "experience." If you like, make a ritual of the way you inspect care for the plants. You could compose a chant, explaining what actions to take, or why some detail matters, and recite it while working. I

    What kinds of plants are you interested in?
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    Re: Spells for Gardening?

    I've got a little song I taught my kids so that they could help me scout. It works.
    (set to pop goes the weasel)

    Black spot and blossom end rot,
    Powdery mildew on veggies.
    Water logged seeds and beetles and weeds.
    Drought, then the aphids.

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