Hey guys, super new to the forum. Quick question for anyone interested in answering...

Does anyone feel called to the sword?

Let me start to pick this apart myself because it's what I do..

Yes I have considered that it could just be an infatuation with something that is "cool". I have considered this closely for years and for a long time I wrote it off as an infatuation. I recently considered it more closely and have decided to give myself a little more credit. Since deciding this, I feel like I've made more progress. I've thought about what it could mean and I've had many a philosophical discussion about it with friends. I feel called to the sword and I want to know why. I want to know if others feel the same deep down resonance. I've never been in a real fight. I've never experienced combat. Why would a sword offer me comfort in a time of anxiety?

Some answers that I've come up with on my own are...
-Past life experience
-Current life's "purpose"???
-Connection to a deity that I've yet to chat with
-Archetypal energy that I was born with or close to

So I just want to know what others think.
Thanks for reading!