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Thread: Male Queer Pagan Traditions

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    Male Queer Pagan Traditions

    I've been researching pagan responses to the sexual revolution and feminist movements, as well as how new traditions interact with modern notions of gender and sexuality. While many "great goddess" cults have been revived or created with the purpose of examining femininity and the life progression in a female context, I've found very little related to male traditions. Perhaps the most ideal example of what I'm attempting to find is Dianic Wicca, which exposes a radical feminist doctrine and is entirely focused on the female tradition. I'm seeking to find information on a male equivalent which includes spiritual significance to the rites of passage between men and boys, with a specific emphasis on a masculine relationship with the internal divine.

    It's perfectly reasonable that there would be far more emphasis on the feminine tradition since they also come from the feminist movement and the early neopagan movement emphasized the role of the sacred feminine to a much higher degree. I've been able to find the Mionan Brotherhood but, they have an emphasis that is a little off from what I'm really trying to find. While I'm sure it'll provide useful information, they're a mystery cult and they take it pretty serious. Technically the Dianics are a mystery cult too, but it's not too hard to find information on them. I'm sure to some degree this difference is because the female type paths are much more widely appealing.

    While the lack of information is also useful to my research, I'd appreciate it if anyone had some useful leads on modern neopagan movements and societies focused on masculine relationship with the divine, or male queerness.
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    Re: Male Queer Pagan Traditions

    check out radical faeries i think?

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    Re: Male Queer Pagan Traditions

    yes - the Minoan Brotherhood are very protective of their tradition - you may have a lot more luck by joining some of the facebook groups that exist and talking to individuals outside their traditions or whom work solitary - there are MANY such groups - try word searches of "gay pagan" or "gay wicca" there is also a group or two dedicated specifically to Priapus where you might find someone wanting to engage in conversation...

    there are also these covens that you might consider contacting:

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