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Thread: I'm Going Through A Lot Of Baggage Right Now

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    Re: I'm Going Through A Lot Of Baggage Right Now

    Hey Bartman-

    You don't need to apologize. I was trying to support you and give you some food for thought, but I was in quite the mood when I wrote that post. I'm not really surprised that you may have picked up on that. I really never meant to criticize you for any way you might be feeling. Death is very hard to cope with, and I think our reactions change as we get older and we have more deaths to process and our own looming closer. Right now even more so, as everyone I meet seems to cycle through multiple strong emotions every few hours. I really meant that you should go ahead and feel whatever you feel, but I hope that you are not taking on emotional responsibility for her death, which is part of how I read your original post. By all means, grieve the way you grieve, there is no right way.

    Just love here. We are all good in my book. I hope you understand that.
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