Hey everyone,

So here is the deal. My best friend's (we're like sisters) daughter wants an Anubis-themed birthday party. I think that is really cool. Her mother practices Hoodoo and has connections with the Egyptian deities, especially Isis and Anubis. I think part of the idea for it had stemmed from the gift I sent for Christmas which was a watercolor painting of Anubis. Although I had made a Prismacolor marker version of Anubis before and she and her older brother seemed to be very attached to it. She likes cats, so my BF asked her multiple times 'are you sure you want an Anubis-themed party?' And she wants one. She's very adamant. This is a little girl who is about 5 years old. So it's interesting that she wants this kind of party. My thing is that I don't want to just buy something for her. There are stuffed Anubis and Bast dolls (their cat and jackal forms) on Amazon. However, I want to craft something for her. Her birthday is in January, so I have plenty of time. I'm open to any suggestions. If you have any thoughts, ideas, books, or websites I can use, I would greatly appreciate it.