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Thread: can someone please give me advice

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    can someone please give me advice

    my partner is a pagan and follows the pagan path. she also does elemental magic, however we have recently moved into a new house and over the past few weeks she has become depressed and withdrawn inside herself. she has no energy or motivation and i feel like im losing the person i love. i really want to help her but i dont know how as i know absolutely nothing of the pagan path or the old gods except what i have read on google. is there any advice someone can give me to help get back to the person she was please. thank you so much

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    Re: can someone please give me advice

    How big of a move was this? Across town? Across/To a new state/province/whatever you call it? Across the country?

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    Re: can someone please give me advice

    Help her to bring the earth up, or the thunder down.

    Or..if you her flowers, or join some cause that she finds important. Make a big deal of it, make a big deal of her, and of you, and of you both through it.
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