To begin:

I absolutely understand and agree why removing Confederate monuments from government locations is totally 100% correct.

It's like goobermint sanctioned building of Nazi glorifying monuments 'cause "Yeah, these guys were shitty, but some of them were cool."

But now we're looking at T. Jefferson... A great man who imagine better than he could actually perform.

Should statues of Jefferson come down?

I can't say yes or no. I do not have the family history that allows me to have experiential knowledge of the emotions on one side of the issue.

However, I do hope that at some time in the future of human history we, as a species, accept the obvious, yet strangely occult, fact; No human is perfect, and Sometimes Even Assholes Do Great Things. "

I would hate to have my Good and Bad displayed in the public balance of history.

Not really sure how I'd come out.

I don't know what any of this means. You decide.