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Thread: Historical cleansing

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    Re: Historical cleansing

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhythm View Post
    Have we considered that history -is- taught with such nuance...but that we the people reject that in favor of the lost cause?

    It's a developmental issue.

    Average students in high school are juuuust managing to navigate "nuance."

    Many never will. Others are already there. But on average, nuance without life experience & mental readiness is planting corn on concrete.
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    Re: Historical cleansing

    Probably, just hard for me to understand because it is taught and I did hear it.

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    Re: Historical cleansing

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhythm View Post
    I'm past my thirties and had to google it. And still, as a product of the south, and with little more than faulkner to guide me, I understand the nuance of that history.

    I don't personally believe that there is any excuse to this specific ignorance. Any excuse only matters in that it allows people to whitewash their views, previous or present, and to whitewash history. They knew better. We all...always... knew better....and yet...

    I could quote Robert E Lee saying much the same.
    While I love to accuse humans of willful blindness, and am inclined to think that a number of people fond of the Lost Cause mythos will never willingly abandon it (holocaust deniers exist, if people really want to believe stupid shit then they will), I also think fixing history courses would help. Memorable nuance from my US history course basically amounted to, "Yes, the South epically fucked up on multiple levels but the Union was not exactly made up of angels." I don't thing that's actually enough to reliably keep a position firm against family members parroting a popular mythos with great vigor. Actually using period writings (it doesn't have to be Cornerstone, I just find that particular example compelling) to demonstrate the ideology of the Confederacy won't kill the Lost Cause inside a generation but I think it'll weaken it.
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    Re: Historical cleansing

    Mississippi is a current battle ground over the confederate flag, especially since the state flag contains a smaller confederate one. NCAA has announced they will allow absolutely no games in Mississippi until it changes. It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit to have the confederate flag or statues of those statues removed. The ones who are angry of course are white, white and conservative. The confederate flag doesn't bother them. It doesn't make life hard for them so leave it! It's pretty disheartening to see.

    The statue I would love to come down is Andrew Jackson's. That man was bad, that's all there is to that. In fact I do believe they were trying to pull that down however the police intervened on that one.
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    Re: Historical cleansing

    As perspectives of history change, it is natural that our emphasis will change. That includes statues. In time, I think we may find that even once lionized figures like Thomas Jefferson will decline in popularity. However, the drive to remove symbols of the confederacy has far more urgency right now.

    That’s partially because there really is only one motive for idolizing the confederacy. As far as complex figures like Thomas Gefferson go- they may have some dark history as well, but you can at least say that there are multiple possible motives for honoring him.
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